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Attention: Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Seminar Leaders!
Do What You Were BORN To Do
Hi, I’m Keith Yackey. After creating two successful businesses (one in the real world and one in the online world), I now show people how to throw off their fears and finally chase their dreams to do the one thing they were born to do.  

So what’s the formula for massive success AND happiness? 

Download my free guide to walk you through the WTF:
  • WHO you are
  • The one THING you were born to do.
  • And the FREEDOM to do it. 
WTF. And So Much More...
What's The Formula?
I help high-achievers with a mission, people just like you, who are seeking the how-to roadmap – the formula to build a life of freedom and purpose – amazing people who are ready to take their passion to the next level in life. 
1 - Who Are You?
Get to the core of who you are, underneath all expectations and facades.
2 - What's Your Thing?
Own your expertise, mission, message, passion and purpose 100%, no excuses.
3 - Discover The Formula
Discover the simple formula to make great impact & success from your true purpose.
How to Win at What you Want to Do AND
Be Massively Successful In Life
If you’re like most of my followers, you have an important mission. You are committed to bringing that work to life, and equally important — to creating huge impact AND success.
You strive to be successful every day, to do something truly valuable, to rise above mediocrity. You want to create a powerful, lasting impact on the world around you and find a tribe of peers to lead you forward.

But something stops you — you hit roadblocks and detours at every crucial junction... there are too many responsibilities and tasks to move your true passion forward… or maybe you’re not even sure what it is!

"It became so clear to me that I have done all the work to becoming an expert, now all I needed to do was put it together in a framework that others could benefit from.  Having Keith show me the framework on how to do this made it so easy.  Now I can share my expertise with the world like I never thought possible before."

                                                                                                                                       Andy S.
Does This Sound Like You? Be Honest!
  • Do you feel called to do something great with your life but don't know how to walk in that greatness?
  • Do you feel that you are an expert at something yet you don't know how to get paid in that expertise yet?
  • Do you believe in your heart that you are here to change the lives of others through your knowledge and experience... but you just don't know how to reach them? 
  • Do you know you have greater potential in your life right now but don't know how to fulfill it?
You’re not alone, all of us have felt that way.
I know How You Feel
I know what it feels like to have my true mission – what I was CALLED to do – not be anywhere on my list.  I was very successful, but not fulfilled.

For years, I struggled on the treadmill and missed out on the freedom to love my life and make my REAL work successful and impactful on the world at large.  

"I used to think that getting people to hear me or find me on the internet was tough until I talked with Keith.  Wow Wow Wow.  This is doable!  I can really do this.  After seeing how easy this can be from Keith himself I have the confidence that the world will see my creation and I will get paid for what I have done!"

As the former head of a huge investment fund, and now a speaker, mentor and trainer in my second career, I have faced the reality of not knowing the formula, too many solutions, and false gurus.  The answer was to figure out the formula first... and it took me years!

Once I had the formula I could chart my course.  I've shared this formula with thousands of successful entrepreneurs, authors, speakers and dreamers :-)  Let me share it with you.  

But Life Can Be Different
Today, I speak all over the country and inspire thousands of people on how your path and your path to profits have been parallel - yet you didn't even know it!

After creating two successful businesses and discovering the formula to why they were successful, I now show amazing, passionate people how to throw off their fears and finally do the one thing they were born to do.

"I have been to a lot of workshops on discover my life's message and such, but nothing compares to the way that Keith breaks it down.  With such simple clarity I was able to dive deep into what my message and mission for life is.  I could have saved all that time if I would have met Keith sooner."

                                                                                                                                       Tina M.
I am the founder of AMPLIFY, a kick-ass community made up of leaders who provide you with the most powerful formulas for success available anywhere. 

Being a married man with four kids, I know life gets busy – but I also know it can be filled with your life's work where you are busy doing what you were born to do!
Let Me Be Your Guide
I would love to be your guide, helping you to find your formula to success on every level. And I will show you how your path IS your path to profits
You don’t have to live a life you don’t love.  With a few incremental tweaks, you can live a life where you build something AH-mazing, where you create, lead, inspire, impact…. the list that goes with success is long.  LIFE long.

Life isn’t what you think or what you plan or even what you dream.  Life is what you DO, and deep down you know you can DO better.

As the next step, let me send you step one... the WTF Formula.

Because when you do the thing you were born to do, believe me, success surrounds you and pulls you forward!