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Learn The Formula:
Do What You Were BORN To Do
Find Your Message • Frame Your Know-How • Funnel Audiences To Your Expertise
July 21-24, 2016 at the Las Vegas SLS Hotel & Casino
Rather than taking years to learn all of this, I am collapsing decades of powerful, practical know-how into a 4-day event. An event that every speaker, author, entrepreneur, coach and seminar leader needs to attend.
"I Will Deliver The Best Keynote Of My Life At AMPLIFY LIVE 2016. Be There!"
Gary Vaynerchuk
Find Your Message
What makes you feel ALIVE - and inspires you to teach and lead others?
Frame Your Know-How
Create a framework to mentor others to their highest successes.
Funnel Your Audience
Learn how to get other people to find you, discover your insights (and pay you for them)!
Keith has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, authors, speakers
and success stories like yours double or even triple revenue.

What Makes AMPLIFY LIVE So Ahhh-mazing?
  • Get The MOST Powerful Practices From The Top Biz Leaders - Trust me. Successful people do not run around blindfolded looking for connections. They go where the powerful leaders go and put themselves out there. 
  • Discover The Tools To Build BIG Success, Immediately - Do you realize that making $$$ from your message is a lot easier than you think? You can make a living off the expertise you already possess.
  • Build Your Tribe - Having a community around you of like-minded experts and colleagues will catapult you to success faster than anything else you can buy or dream up. Rub shoulders with the Who's Who of the experts industry.
"Keith Yackey might not be human. His endless supply of energy and infinite access to gratitude pisses me off! This man can make friends as easy as ordering coffee and he can build businesses as easy as brushing his teeth. I go out of my way to spend time with this man because it's always been exponentially valuable to my life and business. His hair is so perfect, I'm pretty sure it's not even human."
Dr. Sean C. Stephenson

"It became so clear to me that I have done all the work to becoming an expert, now all I needed to do was put it together in a framework that others could benefit from. Having Keith show me the framework on how to do this made it so easy. Now I can share my expertise with the world like I never thought possible before."

                                                                                              Andy S.
What's My Investment?
Not sure this event is for you? Worried about the expense? Stop and think about this:
  • How much is unclear messaging costing you?
  • How many of your events are half empty, just because you can't articulate why they should come?
  • How many people are passing up your counsel and mentorship because you're not being found?
  • If you're a speaker, and you're struggling to get more stages... what would more stages mean to you? 
  • If you're a coach and you need more clients, what would that mean to you?
Every day is a reset in business, and this event is your renewed starting point for success. The right speakers, the right leaders, the right community, the right moment in time for YOU.
General Admission

  • 1 Ticket To 4-Day Amplify Live Experience

VIP (Recommended)

  • 1 Ticket To 4-Day Amplify Live Experience
  • Early Entry
  • Front Row Seating
  • Lunch With Keith & Various Other Speakers
  • Other Amazing Bonuses...
*registration fee does not include hotel accommodations

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The Best Minds, In One Room, For 4 Full Days...
Gary Vaynerchuk
Irreverent Business Bad Ass & 
Future Owner Of The NY Jets
Dan Martell
Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year 
(And The Guy Mark Cuban Invests With!)
Sean Stephenson
#1 Thought Leader On 
Ridding The World Of Insecurity
Chandler Bolt
The Nation's #1
Self Publishing Expert
Mariah Coz
Blogging Queen & 
TOP Funnel Conversion Expert
Nicholas Kusmich
World's Leading FB
Ad Strategist
Hal Elrod
Kick Ass Author Of 
The Miracle Morning
Keith Will Also Be InterviewingThese Rockstars During The Four Days...

Pete Vargas

The Stage Whisperer

Mel Abraham

Thought Leader To The Thought Leaders

Chris Smith

Harnessing Your Story
(The Campfire Effect)

Clay Hebert

World's Leading Crowdfunding Strategist

Jared Polin


Jadah Sellner

Launched A 7-Figure Healthy Smoothies Brand

David Bayer

Business Badass & Brain Hacker

Jenn Scalia

Connect, Create and Crush It Online

Alex Morton

Author of Dorm Room to Millionaire

Lena Requist

President Of Ontraport

Rachel Luna

Crack The Code On Confidence

Landon Ray

Owner & Founder Of Ontraport

Michael Hunter

Marketing Genius

Iman Aghay

Success Road Academy Top Info Marketer

Renee Airya

Award Winning Speaker & Founder of Flip Your Flaws

Yasemin Inal

Living Your Life With Purpose

Jeremy Abraham

Marketing Genius
  • Thursday (July 21): Keith, Sean Stephenson and Gary Vee will deep-dive on your mission, message, passion and purpose. In his unique and FUN way, Keith easily breaks down how to find your message – or if you have already found it, how to hone it and RESONATE LOUDLY with others. Becoming a thought leader or sharing your expert know-how is fun, but it takes a deep-dive to figure out exactly how that connects with the world around you.
  • Friday (July 22): Keith, Dan Martell, Pete Vargas and Nicholas Kusmich will reveal how to get your message in front of the right people and grow your tribe. Imagine listening to THE man that Mark Cuban invests with about growing your business and scaling it so that you make more money and waste less time! Or imagine what you will learn from the guy who the top names in our Industry (like Tony Robbins) spend 6-figures a day with to run their Facebook ads. This will be a day of massive learning.
  • Saturday (July 23): Keith, Chris Smith and Mel Abraham will take you through the step-by-step process to creating memorable frameworks AND how you can develop your proprietary process around what you do. Many have taught why you should teach certain things, but truth is the only way to separate you from your competition is HOW you do what you do. Mel will break down in detail the difference between an entrepreneur and a thought leader... and not knowing the difference between the two is costing your biz a lot of money. 
  • Sunday (July 24): Keith and Chandler Bolt will reveal how to funnel the RIGHT audience into your system and how to pour gasoline on the fire by collaborating to take your business to the next level (faster than you ever thought possible). Creating partners, true joint ventures and promotional allies is where you can go from good enough to MIND BLOWING. 
Got Questions?
Have questions? Call (800) 845-8138
July 21-24, 2016 at the Las Vegas SLS Hotel & Casino
  • What if I don’t have a business yet? Will this help me figure out what business to start? - Yes, this could be the most critical decision you'll ever make. Starting a business takes a lot of time, effort and energy... and you want to ensure you make the right decision here. This is what Amplify is all about.
  • Will Amplify Live work for me? I’ve joined other programs and they didn’t do anything. How is this different? - Our success rate is very high due to the fact that we're very hands-on. We pride ourselves on giving practical, actionable steps that you can put in play right away.
  • Will I actually get to connect with Keith and the speakers - Yes, Keith and all the speakers are very accessible in the main sessions, and we'll be holding private lunches for those who sign up for VIP.
  • I have a product-based business—can Amplify Live help me? - Of course, this is the one place you want to be if that's the case. Keith's first online business was selling a product.
  • What if I’m more advanced and already have my own list, etc.? - That's awesome, we're happy to have you... and you'll learn tons from those at the top of their industries.
  • What if I’m not ready now? Will you be offering Amplify Live again in a few months? - We only have this event scheduled with this lineup of speakers. Truth be told, this will probably be the greatest event in the history of mankind. Do not miss it.
  • I work with a business partner. Can we take the course together? - We highly encourage you to bring your business or life partner. Those who are most successful, travel together. For accountability sake, bring your partner. But if they can't make it, you need to get here anyway. 
  • What if I don’t like Amplify Live? Do you have a refund policy? - 1000 percent. If you don't think this is the best event ever, ask for your money back.
  • Is there an Amplify discount at the SLS Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas? - Yes, book through the link that will be emailed to you upon purchase.
1000% Satisfaction Guarantee
This event is guaranteed to WOW you and support you massively. But if you do not feel this was the best event you've ever been to – simply ask for your money back and you'll get a refund on the spot. We've never had to give one yet.

Amplify Live is for action-takers committed to implementing proven tactics into their daily workflow – not for the tire-kickers only interested in collecting more information and chasing the latest shiny object. I KNOW you are one of those action-takers, and I cannot wait to work together.  
~Keith Yackey
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  • VIP Will Get: Private cocktail dinner Q+A with Gary Vaynerchuk
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